Business Events Reimagined

Bored with zoom and hangouts? Ready for something better? Here's how to engage your audience using virtual events - for a fraction of the cost of a physical event.

Events were one of the very first industries to stop in their tracks. At Uno Loco we saw millions of dollars of work disappear in days as the shutters came down on gatherings of any size in March 2020. Feedback from one of our mentor’s was”you guys are finished!”. We briefly thought that too as we stared down the barrel of COVID-19 and closed the doors of our East Street office after what had been a record year for us.

But what’s happened in the past few weeks shows us that the opposite is true. We need genuine human connection more than ever. We want stories, and messages that give us hope, meaning and purpose. And after 4 weeks of lockdown in New Zealand we’re ready to think about what comes next.

People want to hear from businesses and brands - if it's relevant & authentic

Perhaps surprisingly the data proves that businesses that invest in reaching their audience during a recession grow their sales much faster than their rivals.

A recent NZ Herald survey on 15 April asked 800 kiwis this question: “right now, do you want to hear from brands?” 77% said “yes” – in normal times only 50 to 60% would agree. It helps remind people that things will eventually return to something more normal. And people are particularly interested in how businesses are looking after customers and employees; how they’re managing through the crisis; and what happens next.

Why would I even think about (virtual or hybrid) events?

Events have always been one of the most important tools for businesses – because they allow businesses to deliver a compelling story in a controlled environment to their most important audiences.

The bad news is that none of us can get together in large groups physically. Probably for a while.

But the great news is that delivering your story via a virtual event is surprisingly easy and effective with the right tools and preparation.


What's a virtual event anyway?

Why have an event without bringing people physically together?

What makes a successful virtual event?

Here’s what makes any event successful:

A clear brief about what you want to achieve.

  • Good understanding of the target audience and what they’re thinking and feeling.

  • And a great team to help you with all the elements of pre-production and production.

We can take the hassle out of it and let you focus on the message – not the delivery.

  • End to end management of the guest experience – from invitation to post-event follow-up

  • Creating content for presentations – full in-house design

  • Technical / content management

  • Virtual talent / MC / speakers

  • Speaker training / rehearsal

What are the pro's and con's of a 'virtual' event?

But there's so many platforms - which one's the best?

The answer to this is – it depends! We’ve worked with and tested many of the virtual event platforms and can advise you on what’s going to be best for you.

At the simplest you’re certainly already using one of the free video platforms (i.e. Zoom, Hangouts, Meetings). But these have definite limitations in what you can do and deliver, and how you control this.

If you want to deliver something compelling, professional and seamless we recommend working with technical experts like Uno Loco and Hula.

We’ll help you find the platform that delivers what you need (within your budget), as well as working with you to deliver the right content and messaging to your audience in the best way possible. Some of the high level options are summarised in the table below.

Why Uno Loco?

We’ve been producing events locally, internationally and virtually for over 20 years.

We understand the tech. But more importantly we understand how to create compelling human connection. We’re on the tools daily, and we know what’s actually possible.

A universal truth about successful events – virtual and physical – is that they succeed because of the work and planning that goes into them behind the scenes.

Talk to us – and we’ll make you famous.

Blair Glubb

Blair is well known in NZ marketing circles from his leadership roles in digital, strategy and marketing. He’s spent time with corporates and startups, as well as both sides of the agency / client divide in NZ and offshore.

He’s CEO and co-owner of event specialists, Uno Loco.