NZMP AR Farm Scene2 3750x2109


An augmented reality farm experience.

The NZMP team wanted to utilize Augmented Reality to showcase their products, provenance and sustainability messaging.

The Hula team created an end-to-end augmented reality experience from the initial concept right through to development and onsite delivery. The final product comprised of a 1 meter diameter low-poly AR farm which was first launched at the Gullfood Tradeshow in Dubai. The global audience was immersed in the world of NZMP in a way like never before.

NZMP AR Farm Scene1 3750x2109
NZMP AR Farm Scene7 3750x2109
NZMP AR Farm Scene3 3750x2109
NZMP AR Farm Scene6 3750x2109
NZMP AR Farm Scene4 3750x2109
NZMP AR Farm I Pad 3750x2109 2
NZMP AR Farm I Pad 3750x2109 Blue
NZMP AR Farm I Pad 3750x2109 1
NZMP AR Farm I Pad 3750x2109 3