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We are hula. We are thinkers, designers, storytellers, and makers.

Hula is a dynamic full-service creative agency with a design and content focus. We have no house style, or allegiance to medium or method. We pride ourselves on our ability to make best-in-class work for any sort of client: big or small, established or upstart, commercial or otherwise.

Creativity is our guiding principle.
We come to work to create powerful stories, moments and messages. Our mission is to put more of the budget into the work, rather than the processes around it.


What we do

We’re specialists at branding, content and design.
Our design philosophy comes from the event and experience world and we translate that energy and impact into all of our work.



We’ll work with you to get your brand’s strategy, story and messaging exactly where you want it. We come with wide eyes and open ears. Through curiosity, observation, inquiry, and carefully considered creative strategy, we help define what’s unique about your brand, product or the story you want told.


We think that creativity is a universal tool for making things better. Logos don’t forge emotional connections. Visual narratives do. We translate your unique traits into beautifully designed experiences and artful expressions that inspire audiences, elicit actions, and leave a lasting impression.


We understand the bigger picture. With our strong in-house capability spanning motion, film, animation, AR and VR, we can present a range of options that will address your communications challenges to get you maximum impact.


We employ a balanced approach. We balance function with beauty, technology with the tactile, and longevity with contemporary relevance. We have a range of products and platforms and approaches that are custom designed to engage both physical and virtual audiences.

Our Clients

Our Team

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David Lyall

General Manager
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Mark Benseman

Creative Director
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Natalie Vickerman

Head of Content
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Thea Farrant Adam

Head of Client Service
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Blair Glubb

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Adeline Marteil

Senior Designer
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Alice McKeown

Senior Designer
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Ben Oren

Motion Graphics Artist & Editor
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Claudia Duncan

Junior Producer
Fenella Edit

Fenella Bowater

Production Coordinator
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Harley Campbell

Senior Designer
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Holly Dillon

Project Manager
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Janine Mulder

Creative Producer
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Kọla Ogundipe

Creative Strategist
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Louilee Bohm

Project Manager
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Marela Glavaš

Project Manager
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Mia Henry-John

Project Manager
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Morgan Parish

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Sam Harris

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Simone Lewis

Project Manager
Tan Edit V3

Tan Desai

Design Director
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Tony Tong

Motion Graphic Designer