01 Green is Good hero


Reframing a sustainability platform.

Gearing up for their first event since 2019, Countdown came to us for a new bold direction for their 2022 tradeshow. They wanted to energise staff, suppliers and producers about their sustainability platform.

We reframed this under the Green is Good theme and connected it to the internal engagement identity we had developed.

2 Green Is Good
3 Good for Products
5 Goof for People
4 Good for Planet
18 Green is Good framework
17 Green is Good Vertical
6 Icons
7 Green is Good Lock Up
8 Brand on a page
19 T Shirt
20 Tote
9 lanyard
10 Banners

We used iconography to communicate their three core pillars; Products, People and the Planet, with support from vibrant photography that focussed on a wholesome and aspirational portrayal of our natural world and people. The direction was rolled out across both digital and physical applications to a resoundingly positive response which made for Countdown’s most successful tradeshow yet.

11 Green is Good Event 1
12 Green is Good Event 2
13 Green is good Event 3
21 Green is Good Event 7
14 Green is good Event 4
15 Green is good event 5
16 brand summary