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Countdown X

Rebranding a customer experience team.

Countdown needed a fresh and innovative identity for their newly united customer experience teams, referred to as Countdown X. Comprised of the digital, customer experience, brand, marketing and logistics departments of the business, Countdown X is rethinking the future of shopping for Kiwi's, and transforming the way we do it, fast.

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We embedded this purpose by adding meaning and energy to their brand, making the X a symbol for connection and collaboration. Reflecting the businesses agile working nature, it is a connection point for a collective of highly energised teams, moving at pace to create a better shopping experience for all New Zealanders.

We developed an identity system built with basic shapes that are soft and fluid yet work dynamically in both static and motion formats. In motion, the identity is lively, communicating the fact that Countdown X creates experiences that move people.

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