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Unlocking nutrition's potential.

Fonterra engaged Hula to develop and deliver a brand for their newly launched business-to-business wellbeing solution brand, Nutiani. Nutiani uses cutting-edge science to unlock the potential of nutrition and push the possibilities of wellbeing ingredients.

A dynamic organic shape was developed to connect to Nutiani’s purpose. The shape acts as a visual representation of the restless pursuit of nutrition’s potential. Designed as a digital-first identity, the primary logo is created in motion, further reinforcing the restlessness of the brand.

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Grounded in the science of the human body and built on decades of scientific research, Nutiani is driven by the restless pursuit of helping people feel at their best. The identity system is restless and confident to reflect the brand’s personality - using dynamic colour, shape, illustration and imagery.

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Nutiani offers customers end-to-end solutions through a combination of science-backed ingredients, consumer-ready concepts and services that leverage the co-op’s intellectual property and innovation expertise.

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