NZMP Osmolality Skeleton 3750x2400 V2


Simplifying the complex science of dairy nutrition.

As a leading B2B dairy ingredients brand, NZMP provides technical dairy expertise to a broad network of customers globally. The NZMP Medical Nutrition team was seeking a simple way to communicate complex scientific processes. We worked with them to develop an animation approach that could clearly explain the performance attributes of their specialised protein ingredients.

NZMP Osmolality Scientists 3750x2400

With a focus on digital communication across web and social channels, we developed characterful illustrations of scientists, consumers and the biological processes relevant to optimal nutrition. A vibrant and expressive illustration style helped to bring a sense of warmth, relatability and optimism to a highly complex wellness space.

NZMP Osmolality Character2 3750x2400
NZMP Osmolality Character 3750x2400
4 NZMP Osmolality Skeleton2 3750x2400 V2
NZMP Osmolality Icons 3750x2400 V2