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One NZ onboarding experience

Designing a journey of transformation, togetherness and growth.

With Vodafone returning home to become One NZ, we worked with their team to revolutionise the future of their employee onboarding programme.

We transformed what was a one day event, into a fully immersive and meaningful experience that unfolds over 100 days. Inspiring each new starter and employee with all that One NZ stands for — in ways true to the nature of Aotearoa itself.

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The creative idea that guided this work was inspired by the forest of a Te Ao Māori worldview—Growing Together is all about mutual growth, collective responsibility and becoming stronger as one.

By viewing ourselves as a forest growing from seeds to saplings to a mighty ngāhere, we can imagine our critical role in the wider ecosystem—that our growth as an organisation both helps and relies on our team’s growth—and feel a sense of belonging, empowerment and purpose.

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