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Elevating communications with impact.

Toitū Envirocare who provide NZ’s leading carbon certification programme, science-based tools, actions and evidence to help organisations shift their impact on the climate and environment from negative to positive, at pace. A mission that deeply resonates with Hula’s values.

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We developed a number of communication tools which were deployed across a range of marketing applications. Harnessing the brand system and making core elements work harder across striking visual executions. We also developed a range of new icons which allowed for clarity across complex communications.

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The Toitū core carbon programme guides were previously undesigned and difficult to digest. Given their significance and depth of information, they had previously been sighted as a barrier for participant success. Hula needed to find a way to elevate the content for better engagement and simplify the user experience, quickly! The end result saw us create a suite of clean and compelling visual reports that were easy to interpret and true to the brand.

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