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Where friction meets potential.

We worked closely with our US-based client Allegion, to strategically reposition Yonomi for the smart access and security market.

Yonomi is a secure cloud-based platform that makes integration and deployment of the Allegion range of smart, secure solutions easy and fast.

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Yonomi UI System Diagram
Yonomi UI Elements
Yonomi Brand Guidelines

We delivered a refreshed, evolved brand story and brand identity that accurately reflects the shift towards a responsive developer experience.

At the core of the identity are a series of dynamic, motion treatments that connect to the idea of Frictionless Potential.

Yonomi removes the friction and wasted energy in building a truly secure and connected world.

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As a brand with a wide range of touchpoints and channels, we needed to create a design system that was simple and boldly dynamic.

The refreshed brand uses a range of typographic treatments, 3D Renders, photography and iconography, to give Yonomi a dynamic and expressive toolkit fit for the future.

Yonomi UI Social v3
Yonomi UI Social v4
Phone Mockup 2560x1638 Yonomi v3
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